Treading lightly: 15 ways to reduce your ecological footprint

A countdown of everyday actions, large and small, anyone can take to live more lightly on the planet.

When it comes to the environment, we North Americans have a pretty big footprint. We consume vast amounts of fossil fuels and other resources, and generate immense waste and emissions. Our lifestyle may be the envy of the world, but it isn’t very sustainable on our fragile, finite Earth. Clearly we need to make some changes.

And many of those decisions have an ‘environmental footprint’ – an impact, large or small, on our planet. But where to begin? This solution-oriented presentation will provide answers, including:

  • What’s an ‘ecological footprint’ and why does it matter?
  • What’s the average person’s ecological footprint?
  • How can we reduce our footprint, without breaking the bank?

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