A great way to test drive an EV

Next time you rent a car, ask for an EV!

Electric vehicles are the way of the future – they reduce emissions and save their owners money (and the savings get better the higher gas prices go); they’re peppy and fun to drive; and you don’t need to stop at a gas station because you can fill them up at home.

But the prospect of owning an EV is intimidating to many because of questions like:

  • How is driving an EV different from driving a gas vehicle? (Spoiler: it’s better!)
  • How does charging work?
  • What really is the range of EVs?

And who would want to invest in any vehicle without being able to try it out first?

Here’s a potential solution: the next time you rent a vehicle, ask for an EV.  It’s a great way to gain a bit of experience and familiarity – potentially even with different models – before you make a purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet a perfect solution.  While EVs are available at some rental outlets here in NB and across Canada, they’re not yet available at all outlets.  So you’ll likely have to shop around.  Availability is better in the US, especially in larger centers.  (More potential alternatives here.)

Still, it’s progress that many major rental companies, including Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, Enterprise and National, offer EVs, and the numbers will just continue to grow.  (Note: just as conventional vehicles need to be returned with a full tank, EVs need to be returned with minimum levels of charge; be sure to check your rental agreement for details.)

If you virtually never rent vehicles, here are other options for gaining familiarity with EVs:

  • Drive Electric Atlantic hosts events across the Atlantic region where members of the public can check out different EV models and speak with actual owners.  Test drives are sometimes offered too!
  • If you happen to be in Toronto, the Electric Vehicle Discovery Center offers the option of test driving several popular EV models (advance bookings required)
  • Join a Facebook page like this one to engage and learn.  EV drivers are usually very willing to help and share, and who knows – there may be someone in your neighbourhood happy to give you a test drive.

Most EV owners say they can’t envision ever going back to gas vehicles.  Test drive an EV to see why for yourself!

Update – 2023 Terry Fox ‘Run’ AKA Beach Cleanup
This year marks the fourth year I’ll be doing a beach cleanup as my Terry Fox ‘Run’ to raise funds for cancer research.  Here’s a 90 second video of my first cleanup in 2020, and a 60 second video of my second, in 2021.  Below is a map of where we’ll be headed this weekend, with Terry Fox’s brother Fred in tow! 

If you’re able and interested, donations can be made here. And feel free to make your donation in memory of a loved one; I add every name to the t-shirt I wear that day.

In the news:

“The window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all is rapidly closing,” a new UN update warns, pointing out that most emission reduction efforts are far off track of where they were supposed to be by now.

Tesla is installing 20,000 chargers across Hilton properties in North America; Quebec is installing 116,000 new chargers by 2030!!

Not soon enough, but better than nothing: the International Energy Agency says the world’s demand for oil, gas and coal will begin to decline this decade in “the beginning of the end” of the fossil fuel era.


“I’m sorry… that we put profit above people; greed above need; the rule of gold above the Golden Rule.”

– Prince Ea, Dear Future Generations: Sorry (2023)

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