What People Say About Carl

When I first met Carl Duivenvoorden, I was immediately struck by his attitude, commitment to our organization and his skill with people. Carl is an effective communicator who can handle different points of view and lead a group forward while maintaining good relationships. - Dilip R. Abayasekara, Ph.D., DTM, Toastmasters International President, 2005-2006

Carl was a very popular and successful District Governor of his Toastmasters District in 2004-05. His success can be attributed to his excellent management and leadership skills, which are demonstrated by the high regard he is held in by fellow team members. His communication skills are excellent and all these talents are supported by a personality which is engaging and good natured. - Ted Corcoran, DTM, Toastmasters International President, 2003-2004

I was absolutely astounded by how Carl was able to take the driest possible presentation material - parliamentary procedures - and make it into one of the most entertaining and easily understood workshops I've ever attended. - Jean Dickson, Kingston, New Brunswick, Canada

Carl Duivenvoorden’s talent and professionalism are unparalleled. He always has the highest respect for his audience and his subject matter. As a leader and teacher, his enthusiasm is infectious and his intelligence and warmth shine.
Dria McPhee, Fredericton, NB

Carl understands that to draw an audience to his message, he must effectively present his topic while also ensuring that his audience can connect personally to the message. I've been in Toastmasters for 7 years in Eastern and Western Canada, and Carl Duivenvoorden is the most impressive public speaker I've ever met in the organization. - Andrew Sullivan, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Carl Duivenvoorden is a natural leader – well liked and well-respected by all who come in contact with him. His affable style always keeps the audience engaged and inspired, and his sincerity always comes shining through. - Mike Harris, Portland, Maine

Carl Duivenvoorden is the epitome of what a leader should be. Strong, fair, ethical, kind, organized and devoted, he allows people to do their job while always supporting and endorsing the person, and praising the results. - Wendy Harding, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Carl’s passion & zeal are exceeded only by his energy level. He has a unique talent for getting things done and making others feel glad they were a part of it. - Cliff Fournier, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Carl Duivenvoorden is a genuine and believable leader and speaker who exudes great care and compassion with every task he undertakes. - Michael Kennedy, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

As a leader and as a person, Carl displays characteristics of the highest caliber. He pursues his interests with passion and conveys sincerity, conviction and dedication
Deb Nowak, Brunswick, Maine

Carl Duivenvoorden has excelled in his role as a leader and advocate during his tenure as a Toastmasters district leader. He possesses an impressive ability to motivate members. - Rodger D. Baker, DTM, Toastmasters International Director 2004-2006

Carl Duivenvoorden commits to outcomes and gives more than he is asked for. He is a joy to know, to learn with and to learn from. - Carol Ann Hanley, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Carl’s enthusiasm, energy and highly entertaining sense of humor make the audience receptive to his messages. He is a model of excellence. - Professor Laverne Lewycky, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

It’s been over a year since you delivered your wrap up speech as outgoing District 45 Governor - I remember (it) as if it was yesterday. - Elaine E. Eaton, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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