Keynotes & Seminars

Looking for inspiration, guidance or knowledge? Let Carl Duivenvoorden enlighten, educate and energize your group with custom keynotes, seminars and educational sessions! Here are some of Carl’s diverse offerings:

I have never been so inspired, nor have I felt such a strong compulsion to act. This may very well have been the single most important conference of a lifetime.
K. MacGuire, Sydney, NS
Carl is one of those rare individuals who can unravel and clearly explain complex subjects. He has spoken to our group twice and both times has moved us to understand and take action.
Bart Myers, NB Department of Justice

On a Green Theme

Start Saving Energy TODAY!
A fun and interactive session that will demonstrate the power consumption of everyday items at home and work, and help everyone learn how they can save money and energy every day. READ MORE.

Treading Lightly: 15 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
An overview of everyday actions, large and small, anyone can take to live more sustainably. READ MORE.

Your GREEN Filter
An eye-opening look at how our everyday decisions impact the world around us, with a lasting message that will have you thinking – and seeing – green. READ MORE.

Idling 101
An overview of light and heavy vehicle idling and emissions, with simple, clear, sensible guidelines to help your organization start saving money, fuel and the environment instantly. READ MORE.


Green Lingo: 10 new expressions you need to know
Sit tight, and get ready to learn some new vocabulary: Affluenza, Greenwashing, the Circular Economy, Permaculture and more.

An Inconvenient Truth
A live, updated version of former US Vice-President Al Gore’s Oscar-winning slideshow.

I wondered if Carl would be able to engage, captivate and hold on to his audience for the duration - he did. It was educational, informative and well executed.
Brad Woodside, Mayor, City of Fredericton 

Motivation and Leadership

From Citizen to Leader: Discovering and channelling the talents that will help YOU change the world 
Learn how to reconnect with your passions, inventory your strengths and find the combination that will help you make a positive difference in the world around you.

Motivation from the movies
A half-dozen challenging and motivating movie lines that you might not have caught the first time around. READ MORE.

Laughing through the motions: parliamentary procedure for beginners
A fun and informative look at motions, amendments and debate for anyone who’s ever had to chair a meeting. READ MORE.

I was absolutely astounded by how Carl was able to take the driest possible presentation material - parliamentary procedures - and make it into one of the most entertaining and easily understood workshops I've ever attended.
Jean Dickson, Kingston, NB

Effective Speaking and Presenting

Make Your Point: How to speak with purpose, authority and effect
A review of tried and tested techniques to help you grab, hold and WOW your next audience.  Bring your speech outline or idea, and together we'll workshop it into a top-notch presentation! READ MORE.

How to make your next visual presentation exciting and impactful.

PLUS: motivation, excellence and more.  From banquets to lunch & learns to all day seminars, Carl Duivenvoorden can deliver what you need.

I've been in Toastmasters for 7 years in Eastern and Western Canada, and Carl Duivenvoorden is the most impressive public speaker I've ever met in the organization.
Andrew Sullivan, Fredericton, NB


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