Start saving energy today!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is a well-known business rule, but it applies to power usage too. The trouble is, most of us get just one measure of our power consumption. It’s that monthly bill: a bottom line that provides no indication of just where we used all that electricity.

It’s pretty hard to figure out how to save power if we don’t have any way of knowing the consumption of individual items and appliances. What uses more, a toaster or a television? What about a computer, a photocopier or a coffee maker?

Modeled after the popular TV program "The Price is Right", Start Saving Energy Today features a panel of audience volunteers guessing (“bidding”) the power consumption of a range of items, which are then tested with a power meter. The result? Fun, involvement and insight for everyone! Participants will:

  • Learn about the link between electricity and greenhouse gases
  • Be shocked by how much power some everyday items consume
  • Be surprised by how much power some items consume when they are switched off
  • Be impressed by how little power some newer products consume
  • Quickly realize that there are plenty of actions they can take at home and work to start saving power right away
Really, really enjoyed this session; it was the best overall!
Great presentation - all should have heard this one!
  Anonymous comments, Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia Annual Conference

Come on down, and start saving energy today! Contact Carl for more information or to book a presentation for your organization.