Make Your Point: How to speak with purpose, authority and effect

Perhaps you know someone who is talented, competent and intelligent, but whose career hasn’t flourished because they lack strong speaking or presenting skills.

Perhaps that someone is you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The ability to present clearly and effectively is critical to personal and professional success, and here’s the good news: it’s a skill anyone can learn.

In this fun and interactive workshop, participants learn:

  • Strategies for overcoming nervousness
  • What’s the first step in preparing for a presentation (and it’s not what you may think)
  • How to organize for clarity and impact
  • Secrets of effective delivery

(In the full day version, participants are invited to come with a presentation topic in hand – an actual upcoming speaking opportunity, a past presentation, or simply a hobby or interest – that can be workshopped throughout the day, and even presented for feedback.)

No matter whether you’re a shy beginner or a seasoned speaker, expect to learn new techniques, tips and secrets that will help you become a better presenter!

“Excellent workshop!” “Very informative and engaging” “Super – especially (the) practice” “Really enjoyed this training” –
Anonymous audience comments, June 2016

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