Idling 101

A sensible approach to saving money, fuel and the environment.

More and more people are realizing how important it is to take good care of our environment. And most people want to do the right thing.

But when it comes to idling, what is that ‘right thing’?

  • How long does an engine need to warm up in the winter?
  • Is it better to let a warm engine idle or turn it off?
  • How can I save money?

And beyond the basics, what about:

  • How does idling affect the life of my car’s engine?
  • What’s the difference between smog forming and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • What’s the REAL word on drive-throughs?

No matter if your fleet is large or small; whether you run light vehicles, heavy equipment or a mix – “Idling 101” can give you the answers you need to save money, fuel and the environment.

Carl's presentation powerfully reinforced our town's new anti-idling policy, and clearly explained to employees the 'why' behind reduced idling times - for the benefit of our world, our children and all living things.
Cathy Snow, Town of Quispamsis
Carl's presentation was informative and thought-provoking. He explained the environmental and dollar costs of idling, and gave us simple guidelines for a company-wide anti-idling policy. We saw changed behaviors the very next day - we're saving money and becoming a more environmentally friendly company.
Paul MacDonald, Director of HR& Safety, Dexter Construction, Halifax

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