Your Green Filter

A fun and interactive look at the environmental impact of all those everyday decisions we make, with a lasting message that will have everyone thinking – and living – greener every day.

It’s said that a typical person makes hundreds of decisions, large or small, every single day. What to wear? What to eat? Where to go? How to get there? No wonder we feel stressed!

And just about every one of those decisions has an ‘environmental footprint’: an impact, large or small, on our planet. No wonder it’s feeling stressed too.

Most of us want to minimize the environmental consequences of our everyday activities. But often we don’t know how… or even where to begin.

In this lively and informative seminar, Carl will demonstrate how we can all minimize the environmental impact of our everyday activities – by applying a GREEN Filter to our lives. He’ll explain:

  • How our everyday decisions are guided by our unique internal ‘filters’
  • How even something as simple as getting a round of coffee involves a string of decisions – each of which has an environmental impact
  • How a GREEN Filter can help anyone make more earth-friendly decisions every day, everywhere!
Thank you for an inspiring and educational session. Your connection with the audience quickly translated into a new understanding of the issues. The fact that it was fun was a bonus!
John McMahon, Safety Officer, Nova Scotia Community College

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